quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2009

Who really invented the First Air Plane? A brazilian, a new zealander or an american?

Who was the first man to build an airplane and sucessfully fly it with out aid from a contraption or wind? The first man who invented a self-propulsion type airplane, was the Brazilian born Alberto Santos Dumont. In 1906 he invented and flew the Oiseau de proie (French) "bird of prey", also known as the 14bis.

There are affimations that Wright Brothers flight was too short, their first successful flight was 12 seconds long and covered 36.5 m, a speed of only 10.95 km/h approximately.

The Wright Brothers flew their plane, the Kitty Hawk, in December 1903. Their first flight was around 140 feet (47 yards).

Richard Pearse from New Zealand, built and flew his plane 9 months before the Wright brothers, ecxatly in March 1903. His flight was over 350 yards, and ended with a crash landing in a bush. This flight took place near Pleasent Point, in the South Island of New Zealand.

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